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Picture 1

The entrance to the VA National Cemetery on the grounds of the VA Medical Center.

Picture 10

A view of the inside the Ceremonial Shelter.


Picture 2

An overview of the cemetery from the Cemetery Administration Building Sections are for casket burials and urn burials.

Picture 3

Section of the cemetery used for the interment of casket remains with the VA Hospital in the background


Picture 5

Ceremonial Area. All Committal Rites, Military Services and Ceremonies take place in this area.

Picture 6

The Columbarium. This is the area where families can choose to have a loved one’s cremated remains entombed above ground. The loved one is memorialized on the front of the niche


Picture 7

Cremation Section. This area is for families who choose to have a loved one’s cremated remains buried in ground. The loved one is memorialized by a headstone.

Picture 8

Headstones placed in the Cremation Section. Families can choose a religious symbol and words of endearment to be added to the standard inscription. The name of the Veteran goes on front of the stone. If the spouse of the Veteran passes away first, the name will go on the front of the stone. Upon the death of the Veteran, a new stone will be ordered, the Veteran’s name will go on front and the name of the spouse and /or dependent children on the back The Columbarium and the Ceremonial Area are located behind this section.

Picture 9

Looking at the Columbarium from the Ceremonial Area




When I told a Veteran about the VA National Cemetery, he said that he was going to take a ride out to see the cemetery. The last time I was at the cemetery, I took some pictures

The pictures above are of the Veterans National Cemetery located at 501 Statesville Blvd. Salisbury, NC.

Dear Friends,

One of the most common things I hear when I talk to Veterans and  / or their families is that they never knew what Funeral / Burial and in some cases Monetary Benefits they were entitled to from the Veterans Administration.


Sadly, in these most difficult financial times, some Veterans or their families reluctantly choose a funeral arrangement that they really cannot afford nor what they really desire. Many people will buy cemetery property and all the requirements that go with it knowing the really cannot afford it.  Some will choose cremation because they cannot afford to purchase graves, outer interment receptacles, the opening / closing and the headstone / marker.

Hopefully, the following information will explain what benefits the Honorably Discharged Veteran, the Spouse (s) of that Veteran and in some cases a Dependent Child / Children of that Veteran are entitled to. 

An Honorably Discharged Veteran, their Spouse (s) and in some cases a Dependent Child (Children) of the Veteran are entitled to the following benefits from a National Cemetery that is under the supervision of the Veterans Administration

  1. Free Graves for Casketed Remains or Cremated Remains or a Free Niche for cremated remains in the Columbarium
  2. Free Opening / Closing of  Graves /Niches
  3. Free Outer Interment Receptacle for Casketed Remains
  4. Free Headstone / Niche Plaque with Inscription ( with words of endearment )   


Monetary Benefits will be paid to the survivors of the Veteran if:

       1. The Veteran dies in a Veterans Administration Facility such as a VA Hospital or   Nursing Home.

       2. The Veteran was retired from the Military after 20 Years of Service ( Veteran is receiving a pension)  .

       3. The Veteran was receiving a monthly (compensation) payment due to an injury suffered  or related to Military Service.


These Monetary Benefits will be paid to the survivors / estate of the deceased Veteran even if the disposition takes place in a non VA National Cemetery or Cremation is desired.




5 Responses to Veterans Information

  1. Kathleen Dantico May 18, 2014 at 1:38 pm #

    My husband Frederick M Dantico is a 20 year USAF retired and is currently under hospice care. Would he be eligible for a cremation funeral benefit from VA? Does he have to be interred at VA cemetery?

    • Mike Costigan May 19, 2014 at 8:58 am #

      Mrs. Dantico,

      Since your husband served our country for 20 years and I would guess that he is receiving a monthly pension, your family would be eligible for some kind of monetary benefit. He would also have the option to have his cremated remains buried or entombed in a VA National Cemetery. If you choose to have him buried in a non VA Cemetery, then there will be no grave, opening, concrete box benefits. There would be the benefit of a military marker if the private cemetery allows it. Always check with you private cemetery to see if they honor a veteran with any benefits from them.

      Remember, the VA National Cemetery will honor the veteran, their spouse, and in some cases a dependent child (children). Once you go through the entrance of a VA National Cemetery, everything is free. In a private cemetery,the veteran, the spouse and any dependent child would have to pay for the grave, the opening / closing, the outer interment receptacle ( if required) and marker and / or inscription

    • Roberta Dantico September 24, 2022 at 3:00 pm #

      I thought you didn’t want dad cremated

  2. Starli Brighton December 10, 2022 at 1:02 am #

    Thank you for talking about the different benefits that come for a veteran and their family at a national cemetery. My grandfather who was a veteran passed away last night and we are planning the funeral. We will find a reputable grave monument for him as well.

  3. Starli Brighton March 22, 2023 at 8:27 pm #

    Thank you for telling us what the family of an honorably discharged veteran is entitled to. My husband passed away yesterday and he was a veteran. We will find an amazing memorial stone for him locally.

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