The veteran is always entitled to an American Flag, Military Honors and Presidential Memorial Certificate. The Veteran is also entitled to a Veteran’s Marker. The marker will be shipped free of charge to the place designated. Before a marker is to be ordered, please check with the private cemetery about any rules and regulations regarding the marker. One thing to remember, the marker is transported to the place designated free of charge. There maybe a charge to install the marker on the grave.

Another question asked by veterans is, “Is there any monetary benefits to be given at the time of death of a Veteran?”

    Reimbursement of Burial Expenses.

  • The Veterans Administration will pay a burial allowance up to $2000. if the Veterans death is service-connected. In such cases, the person who bore the Veterans burial expenses may claim reimbursement from the Veterans Administration.
    In some cases, the Veterans Administration will pay the cost of transporting the remains of a Veteran whose death was service connected to the nearest national cemetery with available grave sites. There is no time limit for filing for reimbursement claims in service connected death cases. ( Please remember, the service connected injuries should have been documented before the death occurs. )

    A Burial Allowance.

  • The Veterans Administration will pay a burial and funeral allowance for Veterans who, at the time of their death, were entitled to receive pension or compensation or would have been entitled if they were not receiving military retirement pay. Eligibility also maybe established when the death occurs in a VA Facility ( example – Salisbury Veterans Administration Hospital ), a VA connected nursing home or a State Veterans Nursing Home. In cases in which the Veterans death was not service related, claims must be filed within 2 years after the burial or cremation.

    Plot Allowance.

  • The Veterans Administration will pay a plot allowance when the Veteran is buried in a cemetery not under U.S. Government jurisdiction if:
    • the Veteran was discharged from active duty because of disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty
    • the Veteran was receiving compensation or pension or would have been if the Veteran was not receiving military retired pay
    • the Veteran died in a VA Facility.

    The plot allowance maybe paid to the state for the cost of a plot or interment in a state owned cemetery reserved solely for Veterans burial if the Veteran is buried without charge.

If you are not sure if the deceased Veteran was entitled to any form of compensation, please call the Veterans Administration in your area (Lincolnton). Always keep a certified copy of the death certificate, the funeral bill and honorable discharge close at hand. Forms that maybe needed at the time of death of a Veteran are:

  1. Form 21-530 – Application for Burial Benefits This form is used when seeking Reimbursements of Burial Expenses, Burial and / or Plot Allowance
  2. Form 40-0247 – Application of Presidential Memorial Form Certificate
  3. Form 40-1330 – Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker

Please, please, please! have your Honorable Discharge (DD214) nearby. It makes dealing with the Veterans Administration much easier

Michael J. Costigan
The Good Samaritan Funeral Home