Ministry of Consolation, Saint Patrick’s Day

Ministry of Consolation

March 17, 2014

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. St Patrick used the shamrock to teach about the Holy Trinity.

In honor of St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity, I offer to you a new Irish Blessing.

“Our Heavenly Father has called His child home and He says

Come, for it is time to run on My Heavenly Road.

May the wind of the Holy Spirit be at your back

and push you gently home to Me.

May the rays of the Son, My Son, Jesus shine His glorious light

upon your most beautiful face

and show you the Way.

May the rains and snows forever bless you

and fall soft upon your field.

May angels lead you into paradise.

May the martyrs await you coming

and take you home to heaven,

home to God,

home to those you love

And until we meet you again,

may God hold you in one hand

and those who will miss you in His other hand.”


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