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Welcome Fall!

Now that the Fall season is here in Denver, NC, it is time for a change with the decorating of the Funeral Home. Below are pictures of the arrangement office, bedroom (private visitation room), sitting room, Veteran’s Memorial and the front entrance and porch of the funeral home decorated for the fall season.

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Ministry of Consolation- June 29, 2014

St. Peter – Power of Attorney or Executor Designee? “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church . I give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” Mt.16:18-20 “Peter, Jesus […]

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Memorial Day 2014

We honor our men and women who served and continue to serve our country for our Freedom. We set up a ¬†memorial around our flag pole in honor of those who have lost their lives while serving our country, and as a reminder of the people who are serving our country today. There is ¬†a […]

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